Time Maps

What is a Time Map?

A Time Map is a new computer graphics technique that shows multiple points of time from the same scene, in a single image. The illustration below shows a very simple example: Three pictures, from three different times of the day, are cut up to make a single image -- a Time Map.
A simple Time Map made of three images from three different times of the day
A Time Map composed of parts of three images taken in the morning, afternoon, and night.
Source images: Hong Kong traffic camera.

In this website we'll illustrate how Time Maps are made, and present a number of movies that illustrate the range of possibilities made available by this technique. Our discussion is broken down into the following sections:
Before going any further, you may want to make sure you have QuickTime installed to view the samples. If you've already got it, then let's start by looking at a traditional time lapse movie.

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